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The Fort's interior has gone through many changes since it was originally constructed. Time, neglect, a tornado, fire and looting all contributed to the depressed condition that it was in post 2006. In the Spring of 2007 an effort was made to bring together any remaining original pieces, be it original stockade fencing, buildings that had been moved and other items to restore as much of the original complex as possible. This is an ongoing process, yet much progress has been made. Windows that had been boarded up for decades have been replaced, and interiors of the blockhouses and barracks "the area over entrance seen in photo to the right" have been cleaned. They were again used during the Revolutionary War Event of 2007. Fort-Interior-South
Postcards from Fort Firelands showing Fort interior and exterior during the early 1960's.
In this exterior postcard photo the original gate fortifications can be seen. In front of the entrance the earthen and timber ramparts are clearly visible. An original totem pole seen in the foreground has been lost over time. Anyone knowing of it's location today can contact us at we would like to photograph and document this relic if it still exists. The Fort's interior has a stage which was added sometime during the very late 1960's. In its history such bands as Steppenwolf, Alice Cooper and others of that era rocked the Fort. We have heard many tales of the great times people had over the years at Fort Firelands. If you have a particular story you would like to tell please email us with the information.
Postcard from Fort Firelands showing Fort interior in the very early 1960's.
postcard 1
Postcard from Fort Firelands showing Fort interior, blockhouses, well, and rampart style wall.
Recent view from inside the Fort with BAR encampment tents.
bar event in fort photo